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This is based on Jeff Tranter (VE3ICH)'s good but somewhat dated Linux Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO.

  • Introduction
    • Changes from the previous version
    • Where to obtain new versions of this document
    • Other related documentation
  • . The Packet Radio Protocols and Linux
    • How it all fits together
  • . The AX.25/NET/ROM/ROSE software components
    • Finding the kernel, tools and utility packages
  • . Installing the AX.25/NET/ROM/ROSE software
    • Compiling the kernel
    • The AX.25 library, tools, and application programs
  • . A note on callsigns, addresses and things before we start
  • . Configuring an AX.25 port
    • Creating the AX.25 network device
    • Creating the /etc/ax25/axports file
    • Configuring AX.25 routing
  • . Configuring an AX.25 interface for TCP/IP
  • . Configuring a NET/ROM port
    • Configuring /etc/ax25/nrports
    • Configuring /etc/ax25/nrbroadcast
    • Creating the NET/ROM Network device
    • Starting the NET/ROM daemon
    • Configuring NET/ROM routing.