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2010-06-10 now is SSL-enabled.
2010-03-29 Due to hardware defects the site was running from an outdated copy for a while. The problem has been rectified now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2009-12-15 Since about two weeks is suffering from occasionaly ISP outages. We apologise.
2009-12-08 On Friday, 2009-12-11 between 12:00 and 18:00 UTC there is a likely outage for exchange of a broken electricity meter.
2009-11-20's software will be upgraded during the next days resulting in downtime of a few hours.
2009-07-13 The ISP of has announed some scheduled downtime for 2009-08-12. The exact time might change at short notice.
2009-05-31 now has an ftp site which hosts historic and current versions of ax25-apps, ax25-tools and libax25.
2009-05-29 The site has moved to a new temporary server system.
2006-04-19 Start German version of the site.
2006-04-15 The former non-public moves to it's new home at

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