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2011-11-04 All SSL certificates for have been refreshed. As a reminder, uses CAcert certificates and the root certificate for (available here is not included with all operating systems and browsers yet so you may have to manually install it if you want to use's services encryptedly.
2011-09-07 The recent compromise of a servers has resulted in some of's servers providing DNS service to becoming unavailable. A temporary solution is now in place.
2011-08-18 A fix for CVE-2011-2910 (Red Hat CVE database, Red Hat Bug 730783, Red Hat Bug 830784, Debian security tracker, Debian Bug 638198) has been checked into CVS. The impact of this issue is low as the circumstances that trigger the issue should not normally encountered on a correctly configured system. See also related discussion on the oss-security mailing list under the subject "CVE request (and disclosure): ax25d missing setuid return code check".
2010-06-10 now is SSL-enabled.
2010-03-29 Due to hardware defects the site was running from an outdated copy for a while. The problem has been rectified now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2009-12-15 Since about two weeks is suffering from occasional ISP outages. We apologise.
2009-12-08 On Friday, 2009-12-11 between 12:00 and 18:00 UTC there is a likely outage for exchange of a broken electricity meter.
2009-11-20's software will be upgraded during the next days resulting in downtime of a few hours.
2009-07-13 The ISP of has announced some scheduled downtime for 2009-08-12. The exact time might change at short notice.
2009-05-31 now has an ftp site which hosts historic and current versions of ax25-apps, ax25-tools and libax25.
2009-05-29 The site has moved to a new temporary server system.
2006-04-19 Start German version of the site.
2006-04-15 The former non-public moves to it's new home at

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