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The Debian Hamradio Team packages libax25, ax25-apps and ax25-tools for Debian.

Kernel Support

libax25 relies on in-kernel support for hamradio protocols. This requires the following config options:


Support for this in Debian looks like (based on the presence of the above options in the architecture specific configuration file in the latest source package):

Architecture HAMRADIO AX25 NETROM ROSE Bug(s)
alpha y y y y
amd64 y y y y
arm64 n n n n #920651
armel (marvell) y y y y
armel (rpi) n n n n
armhf n n n n
hppa n n n n
i386 n n n n
ia64 y n n n
m68k n n n n
powerpc n n n n
riscv64 n n n n
s390x n n n n

This is not all the architectures that kernels are built for, but it's pretty clear from this table that there's no point building libax25 on a whole bunch of architectures because the kernel support was never there. In particular, people have complained about it not working on the Pi. Maybe we can make life easier for Pi users by just enabling this.