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Bob Arasmith, N0ARY, ported to Linux (and others) by Bob Proulx, KF0UW, rwp@fc.hp.com


A packet bbs implemented under UN*X.


ALPHA. Bob is running version ARY-0.9 on both Linux and HP-UX. The next version from N0ARY which is called 4.0 is in alpha test/development release. Bob has not been able to bring this online yet and is still running 0.9+kf0uw mods. Bob has about half it working with Alan Cox's AX.25 kernel which would be the desirable combination.

System Requirements

Linux installation, C Compiler, plus HAM radio TNC hardware.


This BBS has an excellent packet user interface. It has a compatible set of commands with the RLI bbs so users will be familiar with it immediately. It then extends the command set to be a very nice natural language style interface (e.g "list at allus about KPC-3"). Many csh style bang commands are supported. Also included is a mail interface to provide a packet to internet gateway.

Currently you need to customize the source code for your installation so you need some C programming proficiency.

Where and How to obtain it

For a Linux version or for Linux information send mail to rwp@fc.hp.com. For a SunOS version contact bob@arasmith.com. This code is not packaged for distribution yet since it is not past the alpha stage of development.


Copyright by Bob Arasmith, N0ARY, but freely redistributable.

Contributed by:

Bob Proulx, kf0uw, rwp@fc.hp.com