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RSPF - Radio Shortest Path First routing daemon for Linux


Craig Small vk2xlz <>


An implementation of the Radio Shortest path First routing protocol for linux. The daemon supports version 2.2 of the protocol which corrects a lot of bugs and problems that were present in version 2.1.


Alpha - running, needs testing and bug reports. Current version is 0.05

System requirements

Requires Alan Cox's kernel based AX.25 code.


This program will allow Linux to become an RSPF router. It addresses some of the quirks of RSPF v2.1, the version in NOS which means that it is incompatible with the NOS version. It will also allows remote/local queries via a tcp session for debugging and diagnostic purposes.

Where and How to obtain it

Current versions are always available from or or from the author.


GNU Public License vers 2.0

Contributed by

Craig Small vk2xlz <>