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Luscious Collection of Food Recipes from Best Cuisines

Located along Africa's charming south-eastern coast, Mozambique is known for its rich heritage, elegance, and the warmth of its people.

Africans use spices or herbs only to boost the natural flavor of selected dishes. Moreover, the nature of African food depends on the seasons, and due to this, they don't depend greatly on the use of herbs. Their pastas, meats, and sauces normally have a fresh flavor of their own. People visiting here, however, have found that South Africans use perfect blend of spices in their food.

When it comes to Mozambique Cuisine, it is of great importance to understand that there isn't any standard cuisine. There is a huge impact of Portuguese in Mozambique and thus ingredients such as Prego rolls (steak roll), large kebab and piri-piri chicken are some of the cherished dishes here. You will find Cassava (starchy root) and cashew nuts present in ample quantities and people in rural areas make Xima pap produced from corn meal or cassava as their preference food.

Burundian Cuisine is also the most widely used cookery among all the West African dishes. If you are planning to try Malawian cuisine you will subsequently be surprised to find it extremely tasty and healthy. If you are searching for delicious recipes then browsing African Cuisines is always a fascinating way of getting to really comprehend the recipe and its delicious taste.

Sierra Leonean Cuisine is incredibly varied which displays the cultural diversity of its areas and its diverse background. This cuisine is considered and imitated around the globe for its robust flavor. Ingredients and meals vary by region, and cheese and wine are also a significant part of the cuisine. There are many substantial regional dishes that have become both local and national.


Travel To Africa To Enjoy Kenya Cuisine

If you are traveling to Africa then you will find that along with sight seeing, safaris and historic monuments one of the highlights of your travel itinerary is food. African cuisine is tasty and people take pleasure in eating the perfect food. Food and travel are a get combination and go together very well. Traveling in different countries of Africa is a great treat to the foodies, as each region has a specialty cuisine to offer the travelers. If you are interested in African cuisines then find that Kenya cuisine is made up of more than 40 different tribes with varied histories and traditions. Dishes such as Ugali, Eitheri, Irio, Kachumbari, Myazi, Nyama Choma form an itnergal part of this cuisine.

Algerian cuisine also forms a part of integral part of African food. The cuisine of Algeria is distinctive and ranges from highly sophisticated food in the cities along the Mediterranean coastal to base of the Atlas Mountain countryside and the parched Sahara desert. Pastilla, Kefta, Dolma, Basbousa, Baghrir are some of the different varieties that form integral part of Algerian food.

People find Tunisian cuisine as similar to food prepared in their neighborhood, North Africa. Tunisian food mainly consists of beans, especially chickpeas and favas variety, seafood and spicy chili peppers. Last but not least Uganda cuisine that is traditionally cooked over an open fire is very delicious. The Ugandan diet comprises of Posho, Millet, sweet potatoes, legumes, basic pinto bean soup made from water, onions, tomatoes and green pepper.