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Popular Types of Magnets

When it comes to purchasing magnets for any use you will need to perform a little research. There are many types of magnets available in market so that you can possess a simple review of what each is ideal for.

Magnets are used substantially in commercial operations, such as to split magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials in scrap yards. Some kinds of screwdriver are magnetized to obtain items that are too small, hard or fine for fingertips to grip, such as nails and document clips.

Magnetic base is common instrument used in metalworking projects involving the use of machinery. They are normally used to position dial signals on work pieces, as well as for setting work pieces in machines. BC Magnets is the manufacturer of different types of magnets that have a variety of different types and model of magnetic bases to suit every application, including Base with Fine Adjustment, General Magnetic Base, Beam-Shaped Bases, Flexible Stem Bases, Mechanical Bases, Universal Mechanical, Mini Magnetic Bases and Universal Indicator Bases, and SL and Din Series.

Alnico magnets are made up of aluminum, nickel and cobalt together with small quantities of iron along with other elements; they are commonly used where magnets in distinctive shapes are demanded.

Ferrite magnets are very solid and brittle, and require particular machining techniques. This class of magnets, apart from good resistance to demagnetization, has the preferred advantage of low cost. BC Magnets is equipped to machine these materials to specific features.

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