AXIP encapsulation daemon

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Mike Westerhof's AXIP encapsulation daemon.


Mike Westerhof KA9WSB, ported to Linux by Ron Atkinson N8FOW.


A daemon that will allow you to use your linux machine as an AXIP encapsul ating gateway.


Not properly tested, but assumed to work ok.

System requirements

KISS TNC, any version of Linux supporting raw sockets.


This daemon is the partner to the IPIP encapsulation daemon. It allows you to encapsulate AX.25 frames in IP to carry them across the Internet. This is useful for linking AX.25 networks in remote areas. Ron has supplied a Makefile for linux, and with it the software compiled without errors on my system running a recent version kernel. Ron has also written some README files which give you the detail necessary to compile the system and the original documentation describes how to configure it.

Where and How to obtain it

This software is available in the ham apps directory


Freely distributable so long as the original copyright notice is not removed.

Contributed by

Ron Atkinson, N8FOW