IPIP encapsulation daemon

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Mike Westerhof's IPIP encapsulation daemon.


Mike Westerhof KA9WSB (original code), then Bdale Garbee N3EUA (port to BSD), then Ron Atkinson N8FOW and John Paul Morrison (port to Linux), then Bdale rolled it all back together again.


A daemon that will allow you to use your linux machine as an IPIP encapsulating gateway.


Ron is running this code himself, and the other version have been run quite successfully.

System requirements

KISS TNC, any version of Linux supporting raw sockets.


If you've ever used an internet gateway from your amateur packet radio you have probably been connected by an encapsulation gateway of some descpription. Most run KA9Q's NOS and DOS, but others run Unix and this daemon. It allows you to encapsulate IP within IP, so that you can 'tunnel' IP connections over the Internet. The software allows you to connect a KISS TNC to your linux machine and to have all datagrams received on it carried across the Internet to a similar gateway. Bdale has installation instructions in the package.

Where and How to obtain it

This software is available from the col.hp.com ftp site.


Freely distributable, though Bdale asks that if you use the code and like it you might send him a QSL card or a postcard.

Contributed by

Ron Atkinson, N8FOW, and Bdale Garbee, N3EUA


You may want to consider using kernel based tunnel daemon now instead.