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2012-02-01 - dl9sau

Fixed bug in libax25 where Interfaces with calls without SSID were not found anymore. The issue a raised after a patch of ax25_ntoa() which reverted the behaviour.

2009-05-27 - dl9sau

ax25-tools/dmascc: dmascc_cfg.c did not compile on modern SuSE system. Because HZ is not a constant value anymore, we now use the appropriate sysconf() call.

2009-04-29 - dl9sau

Fixed segfault in call(1).

On modern systems, the ncurses gui crash in wtouchln() or wnoutrefresh() [ncurses functions], called from winclose() in menu.c.

Debuging with gdb showed that wtab->fline was a large negative number.

Now doing better checking that wtab->fline and wtab->lline is >= 0.

Seems that this fix is sufficient. If it will come out that it is not, we'll write a wtouchln() wrapper which checks if the arguments are positive and reasonable small.


2009-04-09 - dl9sau

An 1 year old patch to libax25 introduced a bug: the call section in /etc/ax25/axports suddenly had to state "CALL-0" instead of "CALL". Since many people run the linux system behind a node software (like RMNC or XNet) and use a SSID in this setup, the problem did not shown up.

Other changes: security considerations, introduced by that patch.

 - Never do a strcpy without length check. Ok, the parsed data came from the kernel.
   But hey, you know things are changing fast these days. It's better to give programs
   a chance for complaining that something is unexpected than just to let them segfault ;)
 - checks to !strdup() were striped off. Including error message and appropriate
   return value.
   The consideration on error messages by a library may be ok. But it's not ok to
   ignore on the one hand if the pointer is assigned to 0, and on the other hand to
   leave in other code parts untouched (blind strcmp(possible0, "foo")).

Changes visualized:;r2=1.10;f=h;r2=1.5;f=h;r2=1.5;f=h

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