Oscope - Enhanced Software Oscillosope

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Tim Witham, twitham@pcocd2.intel.com


oscope is a digital 44kHz oscilloscope for /dev/dsp. It is based on Jeff Tranter's original work described below but has been significantly enhanced.


First production release.

System requirements

Requires a kernel supported sound card that can do 8800Hz - 44kHz, the `libsx' package to build the xoscope X11 client, the `svgalib' package to build console-based oscope, the `g3vga' package to add console text, and a mixing program to select input source and level.


Includes oscope for SVGA console display and xoscope, an X11 client. Features include 8-bit sampling of 2 channels at 44kHz, 5 us/div to 5 ms/div time scale, 5 automatic measurements, built-in and external math functions including sum, diff, avg, and FFT, 26 memory buffers, 8 simultaneous signal displays, and file save/load.